Professional rug cleaning

Based on IICRC approved suggestions, trained carpet cleaners employ a 9 step cleaning and sanitizing process:

I. The pre-inspection

To start off we will look over the floors to be cleaned, identify the problem areas, which can include pet urine, damaged carpeting and intense soiling. If needed, we will talk with you about what can be done to correct these issues.


II. Furniture prep

We will move your furniture, except overweight and delicate things, such as china cabinets, large dining tables, beds, bookcases full of books and pianos and any electronic equipment for instance TV’s, stereos, computers and DVD players. We are going to clean under & around these objects. Kindly move dinner table items yourself, before we arrive.

III. Vacuuming if needed

Your carpeting and rugs will be vacuumed employing a commercial vacuum cleaner, to clear away a large percentage of of the dried dirt that is generally in the material.Read More »